Tanzania 2018

Plastic everywhere we turn! Most people are complaining about Plastic ruining the world. But may I ask what is  everyone of us doing about it?

Serengeti 2018

There is little point in showing  photos of the destruction  plastic is having on our wild life.  They are too upsetting. There isn’t one species that has not been badly affected by our ‘Throw Away’ society. Its durability is punishing us all. The legacy of plastic will be one of the most disastrous in our history.  We have no idea of the number of animals it has killed to date but we now understand its destructive capabilities.  Yet here we are still being forced to use it by authorities when it is not necessary in so many areas of our everyday lives!

I remember as a child being petrified of plastic bags because children were being killed by them when put over one’s head. Obviously the next generation just didn’t do that because  plastic bags were no longer a novelty!  (Yes I appreciate holes were then invented!)

UK 2018

Certain Councils, including mine, are insisting that we use plastic bags to put our waste in  a black plastic bin. Why? Also food waste has to be put into a plastic bag. Admittedly that is biodegradable but its carbon footprint is questionable.  Why not just throw it into the green bin? It really is not difficult to swill out the bin after collection! A wooden nose peg may be required in this heat!

Some newspapers are still wrapping their magazines in plastic each weekend. Surely that can stop? If one is buying loose fruit and veg a paper bag can do the job! Much of the media has been caught up in the double wrapping debate. I see absolutely no reason for most of double wrapping.

In a shop yesterday I saw some beautiful tea towels. As I picked them up I noticed they were wrapped in plastic and laid on a similar tray!  No! I did not by them! I found some cheaper, just as beautiful, loose ones. No bag of any kind was needed!  Come on let’s stop this nonsense once and for all. Paper degrades. Trees can be grown! Let’s leave a green and pleasant land to future generations.  I am certainly not plastic free but am trying to avoid  products covered in the unmentionable product. At the same time I am using  my Grandmother’s shopping basket! She was born in 1870!

West Berkshire 2018



“If I’m a monster, mademoiselle, it’s because man’s cruelty has made me so.” 

Rachel L. Demeter 

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