Here we go again. With all the recent Advice on our life styles one has to question “Exactly how should we live?”

Yes we had to march often!


Puds are so delicious after a day of exercise!

Lets start with Coffee in pregnancy!  Apparently two cups a day will cause the babe to be obese by the age of eight.  I know of several Mums who could not drink coffee at all during pregnancy and yet some of their children tended to be overweight!

Exercise for my Aunt in 1918!

Then we have calls for puddings to be banned from school lunches. At school we consumed puddings every day. I cannot recall an obese pupil from the whole school! One thing we did  do was to run at least two miles before Breakfast. Excuses were not permitted! Yes up with the bell. Strip the bed and turn mattress. Then run. Back to dormitory to make bed with hospital corners and then straight to  bacon and egg with fried bread followed by a glass of whole milk.  Mid morning was dripping on bread with our second glass of milk of the day.

Now an orange a day is recommended!

For years the advice has been  no whole milk and very few eggs. All of a sudden it is suggested that Full Fat Milk could be good for the heart and eggs are an essential part of a diet!!! Fruit juice has been all the rage for years. Now at last sense prevails! Apparently “fruit juice with breakfast places children at higher risk of obesity”! It only makes sense. A whole orange is great and has juice in it and of course sugar. But a glass of juice has many oranges in it so a lot more sugar and virtually no fibre.

The World Health Organisation says modern life is making us sit too much!  Wow! How much did that information cost? I am sorry but surely Common Sense tells us to take more exercise?

I have suggested to the young that running on hard surfaces for miles is perhaps not the best way to keep fit. Guess what?  Headline the other day came up “Parks packed with jogging wounded”!

Oh please can we teach Common Sense so that people can think for themselves and  decide what is right for them?  Education and training is far better than all these questionable results on light and costly research.

The last laugh has to come from Vienna where some scientists suggest that fat people are twice as likely to survive serious infections because obesity can inflame the immune system! Forget heart, varicose veins and diabetes!


“I pass with relief from the tossing sea of Cause and Theory to the firm ground of Result and Fact.” 

Winston Churchill

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