No Ageism here! This Centenarian talks to an enthusiastic young group on the publication of his last book!

Until yesterday I would not have said Ageism was a problem. But today is a different story. A few weeks ago a dear friend aged 81 fell and broke a leg, crushed her shoulder etc. She was whisked into Salisbury hospital where she was treated brilliantly by Paramedics, Doctors and fully qualified nurses. I have defended the NHS for years and never heard a personal complaint (More on that next week!)

Enjoying a day at the Races, one well over 90!

However, as she is healing but still needs medical attention she has been moved to another ward where the attitude towards the elderly has changed significantly. It is as if she was not wanted. Despite major discomfort she has been ignored.  This to me is Ageism.  Now this is a lady who, until she fell, was totally independent and still helping with taking grandchildren to school and driving all over the place. But now she is all of a sudden useless and the hospital is making sure she knows it! It is the attitude which is upsetting her so.  It is as if they want her to be old, lonely depressed and grumpy! Is this really what the younger generations expect will happen to them?

You tell them I am enjoying life!
We are more than content doing what we do!

On a recent trip to Cyprus I did a broadcast on a local radio. Over there they were thrilled to have this old codger relating stories etc. I loved every moment and would love to start broadcasting over here!! Ha Ha!  That is not to be. I am old and have not done it before. Sorry old thing there is not a chance!

I just love life. Although a widow I refuse to be lonely. My determination to explore and ENJOY is as great today as it was 70 years ago!  I remember one dear old gentleman I knew as a child. He taught me so much and I respected him until the day he died. He had escaped from a Russian Firing Squad in 1918.

So much respect for this man!

That was an amazing story. So dignified. Another Octogenarian gentleman I admired for his handwriting. I couldn’t see enough of him to help me perfect mine. He had learnt to play the piano at 75!   My own parents lived long lives to the full with my father publishing his last book on his 100th Birthday.

Mother enjoying her last few years!

Having always been a firm believer in positive thinking from age zero upwards I fear we are heading for negative brain washing. Please let us all enjoy every age and learn from all. We cannot allow this mentality of wanting to crush any age group. Life has its ups and downs but  everyone can contribute be they old or young. That is surely the sensible way to go!


It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.”

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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