“Thank You” letters

Oh how I remember having to sit down after Christmas to write all those “Thank You” letters! It was such a chore. The one to Santa was difficult because I did not know his family or house. So what could I say? Then the Birthday “Thank You” letters came during all the sports of Summer, which meant a hot sweaty hand creating smudges! Yes all letters had to be written with a fountain pen! Then each Sunday I had to write a letter home! That was censored by our Head Mistress so no truth was written! How I hated letter writing!

Many commentators have bemoaned  lazy parenting which has caused the demise of “Thank You” letters. I am not sure that is the case. I remember insisting upon my children writing a thank you after a sleep over only to be informed that the parents thought it odd for a child to be so polite!

Each week I write to my grandchildren with all my news. Slowly but surely they respond!   Receiving them is such a joy. It is just a matter of letting others experience that excitement, which will encourage them to write. It is all about people feeling appreciated. 

My father-in-law flew many dignitaries during the late twenties and thirties. I wonder if the Prime Minister, today,  writes to the pilot after each flight? No, time moves on and so will letters but a personal note after a delightful stay, dinner or present takes little time to send. The actual writing of said note shows great gratitude to the host or donor.

Does it make sense to criticize the young? Perhaps not.  Let all Grandparents rise to the challenge and show how letters can make such a difference to so many. Have a great week. Now I must start on my Christmas cards! Silly and old fashioned maybe. But I have kept in touch with so many dear friends! Sometimes not seeing them for fifteen years but that card says I am thinking of them!


“To write is human, to receive a letter: Devine!” 

Susan Lendroth


  1. I don’t write letters on Basildon Bond but do send cards or postcards as humerous as possible to thank people and to cheer up the state of the world !

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