Spotted Richard!!

When out to lunch the other day I was served a delicious pudding called Spotted Richard! After the first couple of mouthfuls I mentioned to my hosts that it is exactly as I remembered Spotted Dick!

Spotted Richard!

“No No! You must not call it that now.” they said! “Why” I asked? Choking with laughter, I learnt that The Houses of Parliament have resorted to calling this delicious steamed pudding Spotted Richard to save the blushes of MPs and their guests!

This posed a question about poor Richards with Acne! How are they going to react to being offered a Spotted Richard? Honestly this really does not make any sense to me! What is the world coming to?

After a little research I note that in the nineteenth century Puddings were called Puddicks! So I would imagine that  this particular Puddick, which was developed in 1840, was shortened to Spotted Dick?

Hope she doesn’t go ‘Follicularly Challenged’ with her hair disappearing fast!

The coarse word of Dick was not referred to until the 1890s when it was supposedly used by our lads in the British Army.  So here we are in the modern and oh so virtuous world (when it wants to be!)  trying to change the name yet again of something so innocent.

After looking up a few PC alternatives I am appalled that people should not call me “Talkative” instead they should suggest I am “Abundantly Vocal”! Just to call me a Chatterbox I don’t mind but please not the PC words! I believe myself to have been a Housewife and loved every minute! Oh no I was a Domestic Engineer!!  And apparently my dear son is not going Bald. He will be delighted when I tell him he is just ‘Follicularly Challenged’! Now I cannot find that word with the ‘ly’ in the dictionary yet!! The list goes on!  Oh and just in case you think I am wrong then you should say I am ‘Differently Logical’!! Hubby always said I was illogical so at last Political Correctness has suddenly allowed me to be a logical thinker! Sorry that is absolute Nonsense!

These Wellingtonia trees are not ‘Tall’ trees they are ‘Vertically Enhanced’!


“The greatest enemy of clear language is insincerity.” 
 George Orwell

How Divisive is PC?

I was not offended when presented with this of me at a wedding!

So the PC army have decided that we should not use ‘Mankind’ when referring to the human race. Excuse me! ‘Humanity’ the new word. Perhaps we should go for  ‘Alienkind’? Then we are told that Women have demanded the ‘sexist’ DVLA  delete ‘Mrs’ from our driving licenses. Forms are to have ‘Christian Name’ changed to ‘Forename’. A ‘Waitress’ a ‘Server’.  ‘Polio Victim’ to become ‘Polio Survivor’. ‘Breast Cancer’ to ‘Chest Cancer’.

This list is so long it would take weeks to go through them all! Political Correctness has gone mad!

I am happy to be a woman. I love men opening doors and always standing up when I enter a room. To me that is great respect. Certainly not demeaning in any way. Until I was eighteen I had to curtsy to all adults! Did it harm me? Not at all!   The term ‘Server’ sounds so degrading. ‘Waitress’ gives one an image of a lovely smiling lady happy to help. As for ‘Waiter’? Well, I see a handsome man prepared to make my meal a memorable one!  ‘Server’ brings to mind a hatch in the wall from a dingy kitchen to a musty dining room with someone, in hair curlers, passing the food through! Not so PC!

When working, my hackles rose if a letter was addressed to me as Ms.   Anyone addressing me as Miss was always forgiven, because they may not have known I was a happily married Mrs. Now  we have Student Chiefs banning the use of ‘he’ or ‘she’ at the University of Sussex. So is it ‘it’ said ……..?   Never did I feel offended to be called a ‘Right-hand man’. Everyone knew what was meant. In fact it was a complement! ‘Tax man’ – no please don’t call him an ‘Officer’!  I have yet to come across one who is a GENTLE man!

When young I knew several ‘Polio victims’. Some survived and still live with the consequences. I have just called one great friend and asked him if he minded being called a victim? His response was “Why should I?”.

‘Sportsmanship’ is a great word and encompasses everyone who enjoys being competitive in a friendly and yet fair way. The word to replace it ‘Fairnesss’  could be mother sharing out the sweets to triplets.

A modern version of Three Graces at Blenheim. PC or not?

The final read for the week was to change ‘Breast Cancer’ to ‘Chest Cancer’. Just a minute. We have always talked about both sexes having breasts so why change? It defines one certain part of the body. When I have a chest infection it is not in my breast!

And yet the word I detest the most, ‘Stupid’, is used by so many. To hear a child being called ‘Stupid’ and watch all their confidence draining away is heartbreaking. So offensive.

Enjoy your week!



“You’re not allowed to call them dinosaurs any more,” said Yo-less. “It’s speciesist. You have to call them pre-petroleum persons.”

Terry Pratchett, Johnny and the Bomb