Jewel in our Crown!

The NHS is our Jewel

There is absolutely no doubt, in my mind, that the NHS is the Jewel in our Crown!

Turbulent times in the NHS

My experience, and that of many friends, has been that the Paramedics have been fantastic and so good with the patient. The doctors and nurses in the hospitals very attentive in their care. The problem most have experienced is bad management.  Communication between different sectors can, at times, be non existent.

Why is this? It would appear that  non-medical management have much to answer for.

The other day I was speaking to a qualified recently retired Sister. She trained at  St Thomas’ London then moved to another city for many years.  She is sad that discipline on the wards has gone and that supervision, by qualified staff, is going out of fashion. Of course the days of Hattie Jacques in the Carry on Doctor Films are long gone! BUT a strict senior medically trained person who has the respect of their juniors makes for a smoothly run ward, in her opinion. Pride appears to have been sapped out of this amazing profession. Her last comment was  “Common Sense no longer exists”.

Today’s news that further funding is to be granted to the NHS is great! My hope is that people who understand the medical needs of the population are given the responsibility to determine the best use of these funds.

A friend who is in a bad way and has had to have carers in, at great cost, because she is virtually bedridden.   Unfortunately the carers had no understanding of her condition. They admitted they had only had the three days of mandatory training. One spent six hours with her and never spoke to her or even offered a cup of tea. He only gave her the lunch prepared by her husband, aged 86.

These are the same waters as above but running smoothly!

Now she is in a Nursing Home where the cost is not significantly more for 24 hour care. Guess what? They have a Matron who runs this Home with a rod of iron.  Patients and staff understand the rules.  I was so impressed and delighted that such a modern place like this exists. The most important fact is that my friend is getting the care and respect she deserves after having worked so hard all her life. She is as happy as can be.

Please let common sense prevail. Spend wisely.

Happy Seventeenth Birthday!




“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” 


Guilt. Oh the pressure of Guilt!

Guilt – How often do you feel guilty for just being you?  

Guilt is something that has plagued me all my life. First of all I was born a girl when a boy was definitely required by my father who already had a beautiful little girl!

Aged two contemplating what lies ahead.

Then I was made to feel guilty by chattering so much – I have to admit that has never stopped me. But be assured the guilt remains with me after many a party even in my seventies!

Wake up!
Food Glorious food!

As children, we were made to feel guilty if we didn’t eat all our food up. “There are starving people out there.” Now the guilt is about all that extra weight! Getting up after 07.00 hrs in the morning was another sin! Wasting the day ahead.

Mother enjoying life to the full in her eighties!

The Media appears to delight in creating guilt. The greatest is for living so long! Why? Well the Media says:- I am helping to cause the housing shortage. The NHS just cannot afford me. Only yesterday they tried to put pressure on our younger generation to feel guilty by not looking after us. The last thing I want is for my children  to have to do what my dear Aunt did. Her whole life was about looking after her mother. No marriage, that was stopped in its tracks by my grandmother who put Aunt on a guilt trip when she fell in love. Honestly, please let me have a pill that I can use when I really am too infuriating. I will quietly go to sleep! 

Despite having only visited a Doctor about eight times in the last thirty years that pang of guilt appears when realizing I may need to go and see him for a bad chest. As instructed on the NHS adverts, I visited a  reluctant pharmacist who  wearily asked which medications I take. “None” was my answer. Raised eyebrows! A question as to why I was not on Statins. Oh! So I should feel guilty that I am not taking something? After further grumpy interrogation the advice was that unless I felt as though I was going to die there is no need to create a further queue at the surgery. 

During the recent cold weather we were instructed not to go out in case we fell and broke our bones! So guilt comes into play because no exercise is being taken! 

Bernese Oberland 1961

Literally, immediately after the above news/advice,  there was a programme on how we must exercise on a daily basis come rain or shine. Give me strength! Guilt uses up most of my energy!

Waste – stop waste! I agree. We are all guilty but how do we stop all the double/treble wrappings of so many products? Interestingly I introduced a product from Canada nearly thirty years ago to reduce food waste going to landfill. That was not acceptable to many local authorities. They gained credits for the amount of weight collected! Naively I had assumed everyone wanted to reduce all waste. How wrong can one be!

Do you feel guilty about closing down so many shops by using the Internet for your shopping? Using your car to save the town from shutting down creates the awful smogs we are experiencing for the first time since the fifties.   Which guilt do you prefer?

Larnaka 1953

When one of my Granddaughters was in her last year at school she inadvertently praised her headmaster who was in charge of pupils from many religions! She said “Do you know Mr…….has managed, each morning over the last five years, to make me question whether the day before I had been:-  Good, Honest, Kind and had done unto others that which I would have done to me.”  So that man guided her to have a Conscience no matter her beliefs.  Only when her conscience tells her does she have guilt.  She regularly phones to make sure I am OK as do all my family. But Media please do not put our families on a guilt trip. They have their lives to lead.  Throughout my working life I paid all my National Insurance Contributions and Taxes! I was delighted to do so in the knowledge that that would alleviate any pressure on my family. Again how naive!

“I am stupid, am I not? What more can I want? If you ask them who is brave–who is true–who is just–who is it they would trust with their lives?–they would say, Tuan Jim. And yet they can never know the real, real truth….”

Joseph Conrad, Lord Jim