Oh Dear! I see trouble ahead! Bikinis are banned!

  • When as a toddler I was one of many children who would run around the beach absolutely stark naked. No one took any notice, it was fun running over those tiny ripples of sea and burying ourselves in the sand! As I grew beyond the age of two I was put into a swimsuit and the boys into trunks. All so innocent.
Fun in the sun
Cover up or else!

Then came the age prudity (if there is such a word?) Children have to be covered from birth and of course now they are over protected so that they see no sun whatsoever. Sunscreening gone over the top me thinks.

But hey this all pales into insignificance when it comes to local authorities having the power to stop, without Judicial authority, people wearing Bikinis in their own home. This I learned only the other day. A lady who was once a model, now aged 81, has been banned from wearing a Bikini in her own home. Apparently this lady lives in a house close to a nursery school. Is society now saying that young children must not see old ladies in Bikinis? If so, will there be a ban on ladies of a certain age wearing bikinis anywhere?

Watch out someone is watching!
Cyprus 1953

This is serious because these CPNs (Community Protection Notices) can be issued by the whim of any council. You the public have no chance of defence and also if you breach this order you can be fined up to £2,500. With ASBOs (AntiSocial Behaviour Orders) they have to go through the courts.

For heavens sake! If I don’t deadhead my roses am I going to receive a CPN? (Community Protection Order)

Are we going to stop young children seeing old ladies growing old gracefully and some in Bikinis? I do hope not, for sanity’s sake!

Kyrenia 1953

“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.” 

Marcus Aurelius