Draughts-Cleaning- and those Germs!!!

Newspapers this week informed us that Draughts are to be obliterated! Housework has a school timetable and watch out for those germs!

OK let us go back to when my second granddaughter was born twenty six years ago into a spotless and germ-free household. It was almost hermetically sealed. She did not know what a draught was! For the first four years of her life she suffered from severe asthmatic attacks spending time in hospital in oxygen tents.

Perhaps not quite as draughty as this!
Cottages are healthy and fun!

Then her family moved to a cottage fit for demolition. I was fearful for her health.  The first thing that needed doing was to replace all the upstairs ceilings! This opened her bedroom to the holey roof which allowed driving snow to fall on her bed and draughts!  The dust from all the sanding of floorboards and knocking chimneys down laid around for months. As for cleaning? Well during that stage it was non existent.  Surprise surprise no more asthma attacks. Germs?  I am sure there were many but she and her sister lived on to be healthy children for the rest of their schooldays. Dogs and cats joined the household! My greatest despair  on visits to this lovely home is the untidiness!

Thank Goodness no longer used regularly!
Great but those cables tangle!

Now for the timetable to clean the windows, hoover and wash the floor. Surely it is a matter of how dirty they all look? Fortunately this day and age we have a choice of aids! Oh how different it is to wash the floor! As for Vacuum Cleaners. My late husband, when in a wheelchair, persuaded me to have a robot so that he could set it going and claim to have done the vacuuming! ‘Eric’, we called it, was fine but sometimes did get stuck. To be quite honest  his beeping each time he went under a chest of drawers  too low for him became somewhat annoying! As for a polisher? Nothing beats this which came from the US in 1944!

Thank goodness for washers and scrubbers!
My favourite 1944 floor polisher!

Only this morning I cleared my shower head of limescale with the cheapest vinegar you can get. The smell was quite refreshing!

Eric and a cordless vacuum cleaner compete for my attention!

Yes draughts a few, windows open at night  are more important than fretting too much over a hermetically sealed dwelling. Let us live life and ENJOY. That makes sense!



“Housework won’t kill you, but then again, why take the chance?”

Phyllis Diller


  1. Oh I think housework is dangerous and could easily kill you. You could be electrocuted by a faulty Hoover – never touch them. Or knocked out by high cupboard door that you have opened to clean it. Or falling into a bath headfirst when leaning over to scrub the plughole. Or sliding on a freshly washed floor and becoming unconscious. Housework definitely too dangerous for me. And if you chase germs trying to irradiate them they take their revenge and attack you perhaps fatally. All best left alone.

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