School Uniforms!

Oh Dear what are we to do about School Uniforms?

The European Court of Human Rights ruled that a requirement by schools to wear School Uniforms does not violate The European Convention on Human Rights Act. So educational institutions can continue to insist on Regulatory School Uniforms. Or so I thought! The Court indicated also, that Students have the right to disregard these rules. What message does this send to youngsters who are looking to be guided to become responsible adults? How can they learn that rules should be obeyed? Now schools are complicating things even more.

As a child of a Serviceman it was a blessing that us three girls had to wear School Uniform. There was no competition. The jerseys were shop bought or hand me downs. At least we did not have to suffer the embarrassment of badly hand knitted ones by an old Aunt. Auntie Flo’s eyesight was failing and her cardigans were embarrassing! However, there were times when it was so cold and they came in very handy. Rationing was still in existence.

!959 Summer Uniform

For my family to this day School Uniforms are accepted without question. We wore our School Uniform with pride.
This is not the position in some schools. Last Summer a school in  Oxfordshire decided that boys had to wear either trousers or skirts in the heat; certainly not shorts. Exactly what is the reasoning behind this? I know there are suggestions that all pupils in some schools could be instructed to wear trousers to keep everything Gender Neutral. But does this help youngsters understand what to wear?

We wore shorts in the 50’s

So what do you think to the latest idea of one school which wants to have a School Uniform of just Hoodies and Tracksuits? The reason they give is that it takes too long for these little people to change into their PE kit! Does this really give children a chance to have pride in their appearance? I question personal hygiene. Is it really desirable to stay in smelly sweaty clothing after a good workout?

There are moments, Jeeves, when one asks oneself, ‘Do trousers matter?'”
“The mood will pass, sir.” 
 P.G. Wodehouse – The Code of the Woosters

Draughts-Cleaning- and those Germs!!!

Newspapers this week informed us that Draughts are to be obliterated! Housework has a school timetable and watch out for those germs!

OK let us go back to when my second granddaughter was born twenty six years ago into a spotless and germ-free household. It was almost hermetically sealed. She did not know what a draught was! For the first four years of her life she suffered from severe asthmatic attacks spending time in hospital in oxygen tents.

Perhaps not quite as draughty as this!

Cottages are healthy and fun!

Then her family moved to a cottage fit for demolition. I was fearful for her health.  The first thing that needed doing was to replace all the upstairs ceilings! This opened her bedroom to the holey roof which allowed driving snow to fall on her bed and draughts!  The dust from all the sanding of floorboards and knocking chimneys down laid around for months. As for cleaning? Well during that stage it was non existent.  Surprise surprise no more asthma attacks. Germs?  I am sure there were many but she and her sister lived on to be healthy children for the rest of their schooldays. Dogs and cats joined the household! My greatest despair  on visits to this lovely home is the untidiness!

Thank Goodness no longer used regularly!

Great but those cables tangle!

Now for the timetable to clean the windows, hoover and wash the floor. Surely it is a matter of how dirty they all look? Fortunately this day and age we have a choice of aids! Oh how different it is to wash the floor! As for Vacuum Cleaners. My late husband, when in a wheelchair, persuaded me to have a robot so that he could set it going and claim to have done the vacuuming! ‘Eric’, we called it, was fine but sometimes did get stuck. To be quite honest  his beeping each time he went under a chest of drawers  too low for him became somewhat annoying! As for a polisher? Nothing beats this which came from the US in 1944!

Thank goodness for washers and scrubbers!

My favourite 1944 floor polisher!

Only this morning I cleared my shower head of limescale with the cheapest vinegar you can get. The smell was quite refreshing!

Eric and a cordless vacuum cleaner compete for my attention!

Yes draughts a few, windows open at night  are more important than fretting too much over a hermetically sealed dwelling. Let us live life and ENJOY. That makes sense!



“Housework won’t kill you, but then again, why take the chance?”

Phyllis Diller

Carol Service & Those Cards!

A Magical Sunrise

Come visit me!

The other day I went to the most beautiful Carol Service. On a walk early in the morning  as the sun rose it shone on a tiny little church in the middle of nowhere.  I was so attracted that I decided to go to the service there later in the day.

As I entered I knew no one. We were handed these lovely little candles. I had already been to a Christingle service with a granddaughter earlier in the week. Then I noticed all these people, who knew each other and obviously met quite frequently, handing out Christmas cards. Surely if you see people and can actually say Merry Christmas that is enough?

The chaos of writing cards!

I was then reminded of our  family debate! Does one send Christmas Cards anymore? Some say “yes” and others say “no” The latter say “With the advent of email and e cards why spend all that time writing by hand to individuals when you can just zap an e card to all on your email list?” Fair comment, especially for those you see during the year. But even then for me, impersonal. I love sending cards, with a hand written note on the events of the year, in particular to those I rarely see or talk to.


Or do we go back and send by Pigeon?

Perhaps the phone?

So what is the best way to send those heartfelt messages to the people you genuinely care about? This last sentence has made me think! How many cards have I sent over the years just because it was done? People I honestly would never meet again. I know not the answer, which is unforgivable. But then I think of this last year! To my surprise, as a result of my diligent card writing, I have met up with so many old friends.  Some I hadn’t seen for twenty years.

To receive cards from afar is always such a pleasure! So for me I will try and continue to communicate with a Christmas card. Despite the pressure of writing them in time for the post! At the same time I appreciate it may not make sense in this modern world!


A Very Merry Christmas to you ALL!



“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

George Bernard Shaw


Be Healthy – But you are living too long!

Iphone Jan 2016 070
My father at 100 years old!

Here we are- all getting older! OK so we are not allowed to smoke  – kills us – no alcohol either, because it damages our livers with death just round the corner! Don’t eat too much  – obesity kills.  Just don’t  die! Oh yes we will give you a pneumonia vaccination to stop you getting the old man’s friend.

Wait a minute!

We are living too long, they say. Pension funds are out of cash. Sorry can’t afford to have you on this planet – you are causing so many problems forgetting to take your pills – needing help with menial tasks – all costs we cannot afford.

Excuse me? Where is the logic in all this?

The last straw was indicated to me a few days ago. I have tried to keep fit – yes walk every day with my Fitbit on, making sure I do the 10,000 steps recommended. I rarely drink,  love my fruit, overweight yes, but never need a doctor so have not been to one for a few years.  “Ah ha”, exclaims a neighbour. “If you haven’t been to your surgery in the last five years you may have been struck of the surgery’s patient list.” Research indicates this to be the case across much of the UK.


Yes you have it right! They only want patients who are going to increase their income! Not sure that was a requisite  in the Hippocratic Oath!

“The aim of medicine is to prevent disease and prolong life, the ideal of medicine is to eliminate the need of a physician.”  William James Mayo


Keep healthy and enjoy the week. Luckily my surgery is pretty old fashioned and I still have a doctor!Iphone Jan 2016 226


Living without Sat Navs!

Car Somewhere!

The other day I berated a grandchild of mine for not using the great brain she has! At school she had learnt to map read but decided that Sat Nav was the only way forward so never practiced the skill she had been taught! On her way to a training her mobile literally blew up! Yes it went bang and all was lost!  She was in the middle of nowhere! She has been using SatNav  for a few years now and had never envisaged life without it! She had ignored all advice from this old nag. Which was to carry a map and  check  where she was going before the start of her journey – just in case she lost her Hector as I call my SatNav!! To her it was not necessary and therefore made no sense – to me it was visa versa!  Now she has agreed that a map and full address, including nearest town, is something she will keep in her car in future and is also considering a compass as a companion just in case……! I appreciate that times move on but let’s not put ourselves or young ones in danger by not teaching, advising or guiding them to look after themselves as technology can fail at the most inopportune time!!

Drive carefully.