Short tubes waste those creams!

Toothpaste and Lipstick designed to be wasted?

“Be warned young man! You are about to marry the most extravagant  girl I know!” This was the advice my father gave my husband in 1965!  Until his dying day hubby tried very hard to teach me to be careful with my toothpaste. He neatly squeezed his tube (yes within a week we agreed a separate tube each!)  from the bottom and I just made a mess and squeezed from the middle! That continued until he died nearly fifty years later! Then for some unknown reason the very next morning, after his passing, I started to work the tube  his way! Please, someone, explain why?!

This morning I realized that toothpaste manufactures are successful in making us waste much. The tops are so difficult to click  back on. Every morning I have to knock the hardened bit off and send it down the drain. Back to my bedroom for some body lotion when the pump failed! The tube in the bottle is about half an inch short of the bottom! So I unscrew the top, shake the cream and catch some with the the plastic tube in order to eek out more! At the same time some is dropped on the carpet! Then my face primer, to fill the cracks! That, too, has a short tube and has been opened and scraped for the last two weeks.

The tube stops at half way in this perfume bottle!
So much left and unable to be pumped.

Lipstick is designed to appear finished long before it is, by the shape of the metal holder. So now I use a little brush to make sure it is all used before the bin beckons. The beautiful perfume, which was a Christmas present, has stopped spraying half way through. The pipe is far too short!

This is so hard to squeeze once half empty!

Finally to the laundry. How many find it hard to squeeze the last four or five washes worth of the detergent? My hands just cannot cope with the pressure required  to extract every bit. So the top comes off and quite a saving can be achieved with difficulty! Interestingly washing powder is back in boxes. I intend using that again!

We all joke about Colman’s mustard making so much money because within a day of mixing the powder it all goes solid. I fear they have set business an example we consumers are prepared to accept?! Now Colman’s have also offered us the choice of ready made in a jar or the wasteful type. At last that makes more sense!

Have a great week.


“Short as life is, we make it still shorter by the careless waste of time.”

Victor Hugo

Naughty Step or a Good Smack?

I am no psychiatrist, teacher or expert in this field. But, like many, I have observed much over the last seventy years!  So I ask. Should we punish children with a ‘Smack or ‘The Naughty Step’?

A Daily exercise to instill discipline in 1959!

After over twenty five years of ‘The Naughty Step’. Have we better behaviour in schools and beyond? Only  last week  we learned that there has been a 42 per cent rise in gun crime over the past year, while knife crime was up 24 per cent. I fear after all these years of restraint from ‘That Smack’ we are seeing the consequences. To my layman’s eye ‘The Naughty Step’ has a damaging psychological impact. Dogs don’t sit and ignore their young. They give them a quick nip.

Some from 1941

How can we commit to NO Punishment? As a child I was given a very firm hand many times! Once for waking my parents before 06.30! Never again. I quickly learned to tell the time! On another occasion I was caught playing with my father’s colour slides and marking them with my fingers. I had been asked never to touch without an adult observing me. The spanking I received was extremely harsh! Thank goodness! Today I have so many thousands of slides, which are crystal clear, of my childhood.

Aged Two

When punishment comes for being disobedient a child finds encouragement to behave with praise and incentives.

Times Tables! Yes they are reverting back to these!

Knowing the child also helps as to how harsh one should be. I remember the best teacher I have ever seen work on my son aged five. At the end of his school day he became distracted and forgot to shake hands. She bellowed at him knowing full well that was what he needed. Dashing back he tipped his cap and shook her hand. Then a timid little boy also became diverted from the ritual. With the gentlest of voice she suggested to him he return to her. He quickly went back. She knew exactly how to treat each of her boys under her very firm control. An example of not one method fits all. Neither of these boys received a sweet, on the Friday of that week, from the Headmistress.  Both made sure they did the following week! Yes they were taught respect and to do as they were told! Even going to bed at six thirty at that age! Discipline and routine appear to create a happy child.

My well disciplined Pal

‎”If there is no discipline, there is anarchy. Good citizenship demands attention to responsibilities as well as rights.”
Joe Clark ― 16th Prime Minister of Canada