Which Recent Accident?

My beautiful picture
Cranwell 1948

“Hi! I am calling about the accident you had recently?” came the call during my afternoon nap. “Which one?” I reply. 

Small Farm in Texas 1942
Small Farm in Texas 1942

The gentleman at the other end of the phone was most confused when I indicated that I had had many over the last seventy years! “Oh I am sorry. Were you badly hurt?” I informed him that I only had a bump on the head. Then he inquired whether there had been a third party. “To be quite honest I am not sure how many, as there had been at least sixty five cars involved”  A gulp came back down the line – obviously not sure how to handle such an enormous potential claim.

This conversation went on for forty five minutes with the poor caller lapping up every word of my imagination. At the end he asked for my address so that they could send me all the forms which will need filling in. “Oh I am sorry my dear,” I said. ” I cannot remember that because of the bump on my head.”  “Oh of course. Perhaps just your telephone number so that we can discuss more when you are feeling better?”  “Sorry I cannot remember that either – perhaps you can?” I said as I put down the phone.

Mt Washington Oct. 1943
Mt Washington Oct. 1943

Does it really make sense to waste so much time calling people about accidents without any knowledge of the recipients’ circumstances?

Washington 1943
Washington 1943



“In flying I have learned that carelessness and overconfidence are usually far more dangerous than deliberately accepted risks.”

 Wilbur Wright in a letter to his father, September 1900.

Age ..Those lines tell so many stories!

Why O why do so many beautiful people have face lifts? Over the years I have been very reluctant to give my opinion on plastic surgery. Why? Well I was very badly burned as a child. With my father in the RAF  I was referred to the brilliant Sir Archibald McIndoe,  a pioneer in Plastic Surgery.

My beautiful picture
Floating in Kyrenia 1953

Sun and sea, first, to heal the deep deep wounds. We were fortunate to be posted to Cyprus for that treatment.

6 years on & McIndoe’s protege Air Vice Marshal Morley  performs major skin grafting. A year to recover and pain unbearable BUT amazing results. I never had any further trouble. How lucky was that?

My beautiful picture
Kyrenia Harbour after a big storm in 1953

Move forward a further sixty five years. I notice  many beauties of the past have had so much done to their bodies. Why go through that pain? Now we hear some are regretting it. They cannot smile and all character has disappeared from their faces. Laughter lines are a thing of the past. A great shame.

In 2001 Helen Tew  aged 89  had sailed across the Atlantic. There was this most amazing photo of her in The Telegraph.  That face said it all- happiness, life, and health.

Helen Tew 2001
Mother 1985

My mother was the same, full of fun with so many stories in that face. In 2014 I went down memory lane in Kyrenia. How lovely it was to see some old men, most probably having been  children and playing in that crystal clear sea at the same time as me in the early fifties! Their faces worn but smiling, relaxed and enjoying their life.


                              Three wise men of Kyrenia 2014

Does it really make sense to go through all that agony in order to lose your character and aged beauty?

“You don’t stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing.”
George Bernard Shaw


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