Service – how to get noticed!

Fond memories of La Belotte 1960 on Lake Geneva
Fond memories of La Belotte 1960 on Lake Geneva

So here I am waiting to be seated at a brand new hotel of a large chain in the UK.

A gathering of freshly dressed waiters and waitresses admire the beautiful view of the sea!   Chit chat goes on ……and on! I move from left leg to right to see if attention can be gained! At last a lovely girl comes over and reluctantly gives me a table – not by the window which would have attracted people in from the pavement.

I haven't aged since 1952!
Is there anyone there?!

A menu arrives – having studied it during my wait I start to order. “Oh I cannot take your order, Millie will do that” ……..After five minutes I great Millie and ask her about herself.  I pretend to write  this down in shorthand.  She straightens up,  runs back to her colleagues with her order notebook. Whispering gathers and pointing to my table everyone rushes to their stations. I continue to write! Within a minute a Supervisor arrives through the swing doors and starts to ingratiate herself to me.  Would I not prefer to sit by the window?  I ask for her name and from then on SERVICE was exemplary! Delicious Breakfast and as I left The restaurant a receptionist asks whether I was content with my room? All my baggage was moved to a room with a view!

Where is the sense in performing for a suspected inspector? Good reputations are much better!

Cornwall 1952
Cornwall 1952


“A business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about profits. They will be embarrassingly large.”

Henry Ford (1863-1947) American industrialist.


Be Healthy – But you are living too long!

Iphone Jan 2016 070
My father at 100 years old!

Here we are- all getting older! OK so we are not allowed to smoke  – kills us – no alcohol either, because it damages our livers with death just round the corner! Don’t eat too much  – obesity kills.  Just don’t  die! Oh yes we will give you a pneumonia vaccination to stop you getting the old man’s friend.

Wait a minute!

We are living too long, they say. Pension funds are out of cash. Sorry can’t afford to have you on this planet – you are causing so many problems forgetting to take your pills – needing help with menial tasks – all costs we cannot afford.

Excuse me? Where is the logic in all this?

The last straw was indicated to me a few days ago. I have tried to keep fit – yes walk every day with my Fitbit on, making sure I do the 10,000 steps recommended. I rarely drink,  love my fruit, overweight yes, but never need a doctor so have not been to one for a few years.  “Ah ha”, exclaims a neighbour. “If you haven’t been to your surgery in the last five years you may have been struck of the surgery’s patient list.” Research indicates this to be the case across much of the UK.


Yes you have it right! They only want patients who are going to increase their income! Not sure that was a requisite  in the Hippocratic Oath!

“The aim of medicine is to prevent disease and prolong life, the ideal of medicine is to eliminate the need of a physician.”  William James Mayo


Keep healthy and enjoy the week. Luckily my surgery is pretty old fashioned and I still have a doctor!Iphone Jan 2016 226