Living without Sat Navs!

Car Somewhere!

The other day I berated a grandchild of mine for not using the great brain she has! At school she had learnt to map read but decided that Sat Nav was the only way forward so never practiced the skill she had been taught! On her way to a training her mobile literally blew up! Yes it went bang and all was lost!  She was in the middle of nowhere! She has been using SatNav  for a few years now and had never envisaged life without it! She had ignored all advice from this old nag. Which was to carry a map and  check  where she was going before the start of her journey – just in case she lost her Hector as I call my SatNav!! To her it was not necessary and therefore made no sense – to me it was visa versa!  Now she has agreed that a map and full address, including nearest town, is something she will keep in her car in future and is also considering a compass as a companion just in case……! I appreciate that times move on but let’s not put ourselves or young ones in danger by not teaching, advising or guiding them to look after themselves as technology can fail at the most inopportune time!!

Drive carefully.